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# 5 Discover Flickr
September 24, 2007, 12:29 pm
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I’ve only previously had a Photobucket account as this was the most readily available free photo hosting site when I first started uploading photos etc. for my (now abandoned) Livejournal blog. It’s interesting that the web 2.0-ishness of Flickr (i.e. the whole concept being about sharing and tagged images rather than having your own private -and therefore meaningless in a web 2.0 sense – repository of photos a la the first generation of Photobucket) has caused it to become far and away the most popular image hosting site in such a short time.

There’s one image that I’d like to highlight from Flickr (I don’t think the author wants it published elsewhere as I wasn’t able to access the URL to embed it into this blog), check out the t-shirt at the following address:

created with libraryman in mind

I reckon it would be great if we could get these for our library – there’s nothing like wearing the uniform to get you into the role! It sort of gets me thinking that this training isn’t going to be of any use unless we’re challenged to engage with our patrons directly about these new tools and their impact on how we see ourselves as library staff. I think terms like “web/library 2.0” should be socialised in the wider community, not just the academe and professional circles, if the corresponding values are going to be communicated effectively.librarian 2.0 t-shirt

Meanwhile, I was really impressed with these photos taken from a tour of a new Library in Bangkok:


towards the back

kids area

#4 Register your Blog
September 24, 2007, 12:03 pm
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As per the instructions – albeit a week late😦 – I’ve registered my blog with the powers that be for the Learning 2.0 program throughout Victorian Public Libraries.  Thought I’d try WordPress as I’ve had a few Blogger blogs in the past, and have heard good things about WordPress – also, I just like to be different!